ARDENCE organic olive oil 50cl - New harvest

ARDENCE organic olive oil 50cl - New harvest

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Our oil ARDENCE is made with olives selected and picked by hand at the start of the season. It is extracted as soon as the harvest is finished in order to preserve all the intensity of its plant aromas.
This is an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

New harvest

Available in 50cl bottle


Capacity:50cl bottle
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ARDENCE organic olive oil 50cl - New harvest

50cl bottle

Bastide du Laval

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

199 Chemin de la Royère
84160 Cadenet


Puissance aromatique


Piquant (Ardence)


Very sensitive to temperature differences, our 50cl & 1L cans are likely to deform with the heat in summer or the cold in winter during shipment. These deformations in no way affect the quality of the oil, they are purely aesthetic. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What makes this oil so special?

The olives are crushed and the oil extracted immediately at room temperature. The dough is neither warmed nor kneaded. It is a pure fruit juice obtained directly from the crushing of olives.
The advantage therefore consists of the conservation of all the phenols, polyphenols and antioxidants and all the aromas contained in the fruit. On the other hand, it takes two to three times more olives to produce one liter of oil, which justifies its higher price than our other different vintages.
Our Ardence olive oil is certified ORGANIC.

What are the aromas of Ardence?

Green fruity type olive oil, that is to say with herbaceous, vegetal aromas, freshly cut grass, raw artichoke, tomato leaf. The presence of the antioxidants it contains is characterized by a “spiciness” at the back of the throat called “ardence”, hence its name.

What type of olive is used in this oil?

The main varieties of AOP Provence are Aglandau, Salonenque, Bouteillan, Cayon. Aglandau must represent at least 80% of the olives used. The olives come exclusively from our estate.

When are olives harvested?

The olives are harvested quite early in the season (usually mid-November) and taken immediately to the mill where they are crushed without delay.

And by the way, what is green fruit?

Green fruities are made from green olives, meaning they are full of freshness and harvested early in the season. These fruity flavors have a fiery, vegetal taste.

What are the different formats offered for ARDENCE olive oil?

Click here to discover all the containers and formats available for ARDENCE olive oil.

Ardence hummus & olive oil


Discover a delicious Hummus recipe with our Ardence olive oil.

Why choose the Ardence flavor among the green fruity ones?

You know how to recognize the aromas linked to the work of an exceptional product, which can enhance your simplest dishes. When you love, you don't count. The Ardence was designed for you.