Léo Coupat || Manager and Oleologist

His mission: to change the world one bottle of oil at a time

The Bastide du Laval driving force : making our customers forget the popular belief that olive oils are all the same and only good for greasing the pan and being drowned in summer vinaigrettes !

We are lucky in France, and more specifically in the Luberon area, to have varieties and a terroir which allow us to produce very aromatic oils. This is why we strive to extract all the taste and phenolic quintessence of our olives : to make exceptional products. From a gastronomic point of view, olive oil is, in my opinion, much closer to a spice than to a simple fat.

To live happily and for a long time, the recipe is simple: a pinch of salt, three turns of pepper grinder and a generous drizzle of olive oil on all your dishes!

Our olive oils

Our olives are harvested by hand from mid-October with combs and nets. The olives are then pressed immediately, using the cold extraction procedure in order the retain all the essential aromas. Planted on the edge of the climatic growing zone, in organic farming and regularly pruned, our trees produce little. In fact, they concentrate the very essence of their quality in the olives they carry.

Our oils have been awarded numerous prizes in competitions both in France and abroad. They have been adopted by some of the most renowned restaurant chefs (Michel & César Troisgros or Fabrice Desvignes from Elysée).

Free delivery

Metropolitan France: from 50€ of purchase at a relay point and from 90€ of purchase at home
Benelux & Germany: from 120€ of home purchase


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