The birth of the olive oil mill & Bastide du Laval estate

1985 - 2010

The American adventure

Grandson of winegrowers and granddaughter of farmers, Carine and Roland escape the call of the Earth and are passionate about entrepreneurship. Coming from a sporting background, they created beach clubs for children in the Landes in the 1980s, then decided to try the American adventure and left for Los Angeles from 1985 to 1998 where they created three prosperous companies focused on Tourism.

Realization and recognition

2010 - 2017

First medal in the general agricultural competition

Bastide du Laval olive oils win their first medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris

Transmission & development

2020 - 2021

Family transmission

In 2020, Roland and Carine handed over the reins of the mill to their son Léo, who holds a Master's degree in Management from SKEMA Business School, an oleologist diploma and official taster status from the International Olive Council.