TRADITION olive oil 3L - New harvest

TRADITION olive oil 3L - New harvest

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Coming from anaerobic and controlled maturation of olives picked green, our TRADITION oil is inspired by ancestral know-how to give powerful aromas of black olive and tapenade.
Anaerobic means in an airless environment.

New harvest

Available in Bag in Box 3L

Capacity:300cl bag in box
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TRADITION olive oil 3L - New harvest

300cl bag in box

Bastide du Laval

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Puissance aromatique


Very sensitive to temperature differences, our 50cl & 1L cans are likely to deform with the heat in summer or the cold in winter during shipment. These deformations in no way affect the quality of the oil, they are purely aesthetic. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What is the secret of our Tradition oil?

In the past, the olives were “idled” in the granaries before extracting the oil. This made it possible to obtain better yields. This operation gave the oil aromas of black olive, tapenade and truffle. This highly prized oil had disappeared with the advent of modern mills. We recreated it by “ripening” the olives in a very controlled way. The process involves depriving them of air and moisture with precise monitoring of temperatures before extracting the oil.

What are the flavors?

Ripe fruity olive oil, that is to say with aromas cooked apple, black olive or truffle on the nose. On the palate, the aromas are reminiscent of truffles and light cocoa, and especially black tapenade.

What type of olive is used in this oil?

The main varieties of AOP Provence are Aglandau, Salonenque, Bouteillan, Cayon.

When are olives harvested?

The olives are harvested mid-season when they are still green and are then deprived of light and oxygen for 4 to 10 days at a controlled temperature before oil extraction.

What are the different formats offered for TRADITION olive oil?

Click here to discover all the containers and formats available for TRADITION olive oil.

Panisses, homemade ketchup & Tradition oil


Gourmet encounters or how to perfectly illustrate Paul Bocuse's quote "Gluttony is the sin of good souls".

Why choose Tradition oil?

What you love most about olive oil is the olive. You respect know-how and a certain culinary air that comes from another era. You are made for traditional taste.