Les vertus insoupçonnées de l'huile d'olive

The unsuspected virtues of olive oil

The surprising virtues of olive oil!

Very energetic, olive oil has, in addition to its nutritional and cosmetic benefits, great qualities for health. Multiple epidemiological studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oil on the immune system, for example to prevent cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol or even diabetes.

But olive oil also has some surprising virtues to say the least!

Olive oil, a natural anti-inflammatory

Thanks to the antioxidants and polyphenols it contains, it helps relieve joint and muscle pain.

Olive oil for better digestion

It will be the ideal partner to facilitate your digestion. A hearty and alcoholic meal in perspective? Nothing like a spoonful of olive oil just beforehand to prevent unwanted effects!

An increase in testosterone level

Finally, this last virtue is addressed to you gentlemen! Olive oil would improve… sexual performance! Yes, researchers from the University of Athens have revealed that 9 tablespoons of olive oil per day would help fight sexual impotence.

If you want to be immortal with iron health, you know what you have to do!