The Harvest

Olive is a winter fruit. Green olives are picked between October and November; black olives are picked from December to February.

When autumn comes, green olives produce an olive oil with intense green flavors.

When winter comes, matured olives produce an olive oil with delicate aromas very close to dried fruits aromas.

The harvest takes place between end of October and end of December in the “Vaucluse” area.

In other areas of France where varieties are different and where the frost is not feared of, the harvest can take place until April (in Nice for example).

At Bastide du Laval the harvest takes place from mid November, which is when the olive state of maturity changes from green to black.

The harvest is done by hand by using nets and small rakes.

Olives are then pressed straight away via a cold press extraction, in order to keep all the aromas in this pure fruit juice.

In our area, in Provence, we need an average of 6kg of olives to obtain one liter of olive oil, this can vary from 4kg to 10 kg.

There are more than 800 varieties of olives in France and more than 2000 across the world.