Who are we ?

This is the story of a couple who dreamed of going back to nature… after an all- consuming career in tourism in both the US and France.

Roland is the grandson of winemakers in Beaujolais, Carine is the granddaughter of farmers in the Drôme. Despite their agricultural roots, they managed to resist the lure of the land and to follow their passion for entrepreneurial adventure.

With a background in sport, during the early 80s they built an after- school beach club for children in the Landes. They then decided to move to the States to live the American adventure, living in LA from 85 to 98 where they founded three successful companies with the tourist industry..

In 1998, they sold everything, their house and companies having fallen in love with a 30 hectare wine estate in Provence, located in the little village of Cadenet in the Luberon.

For a few months they worked hard at re-organizing the estate, beginning by planting a few thousand trees. And then in 1999, based on their experience in the States, and while the trees were growing, they decided to build Auto-Escape, a company based on a fairly new concept in France: the car- rental business

The company which prioritized top quality service, developed very quickly and soon fifty employees joined the team based in Pertuis in the Luberon.

The company soon became the leader in France and attracted investors, so Roland and Carine COUPAT decided to sell up when it went public. The company was then taken over by Expedia.comthe Number 1 worldwide online tourism company.

In the meantime, the olive trees grew; more trees were planted and today the olive grove is composed of 4000 trees spread over 15 hectares of land.

At the same time, Carine and Roland patiently studied all the techniques of olive oil production in France and Italy. Roland completed his training by being awarded a diploma in olive oil production in 2010 from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Montpellier.

The natural conclusion of their journey has been to build an olive Oil Mill, the very heart of the olive oil Industry of a village or a region.